FAQs - SightCare

Is SightCare Is Safe?

Yes! Tens of thousands of people have already experienced positive changes with SightCare. It’s safe and free from adverse effects, ensuring confidence in its use.

How do vitamins and minerals affect eye health?

Our health significantly relies on a balanced consumption of vitamins and minerals. Although a nutritious diet is crucial for general well-being, certain health aspects, like vision, necessitate extra support.

Failing to maintain adequate nutrition and eye care can result in a progressive decline in the clarity of vision.

Vitamins and minerals can contribute to eye health, but they are not a substitute for regular eye care and a balanced diet.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, protecting your eyes from UV radiation, and getting regular eye check-ups are also essential for preserving good vision and overall eye health.

If you have specific concerns about your eye health or are considering taking supplements, it's advisable to consult with an eye care professional or a healthcare provider for personalized guidance.

How many capsules per bottle?

One bottle of Sight Care has 60 capsules. This supply is a one-month supply.